Berry Drawstring Bag

Berry Drawstring Bag

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A multi-purpose bag that will help you to keep your accessories clean and tidy in your suitcase or in your drawers. Socks, underwear, swimming costumes, scarves, belts, laundry items, cables…
Perfect for storing summer/winter items away, protected and perfumed.  Or for keeping your favourite table linens tidy and neat. 


  • h 38 cm x w 33 cm 

  • 100% cotton hand woven Khadi

  • block printed and sewn by hand in Jaipur, India

  • wash cold with a delicate soap, iron if needed

  • Khadi may change slightly in colour and size when washed at high temperatures

This is a feel good purchase:
All The Fruits spent five months in India working alongside Craftboat, a design studio and paper company based in wonderful Jaipur. They helped us achieve the best block printing results and facilitated ethical manufacturing, providing fair wages and a clean work environment for the artisans that realised this collection. 

It’s a 100% handwoven textile with a lot of character and a lovely irregular texture.
It supports artisans in villages and micro level weavers across India.
It’s eco-friendly: the only textile activity that doesn’t use fossil fuels.
It’s a fabric full of history, encouraged by Mahatma Gandhi as a program to promote Indian self-reliance and resilience in the weaving industry.

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