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The Wall Calendar is back!

Last year we received so many e-mails asking if we were releasing a calendar for 2018. We were working in India so couldn’t make it happen, but this year we are bringing it back! This time in a new and improved design: printed in L.A. on a vinyl sticker, so it’s easier to put up and take off.
We’ve added the lunar phases for each month, and have also decided to release it in two colour-ways!
The concept hasn’t changed: lots of highly saturated colours, big spaces for all your notes, and a writeable smooth surface. 
Head to our shop to reserve yours and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have been doing for the fourth year now!

Wallpaper Calendar - 2016

With the success of our first Wallpaper Calendar in 2015, we are pleased to be launching the second edition. The 2016 planner is a bright, visually interesting calendar large enough to write notes and memos on, or left blank as a day / date reference and something colourful to put on your wall.

The calendar is printed on our pre-glued wallpaper stock. By pre-glued, we mean you only have to submerge the paper in water for around a minute which activates the adhesive, then simply apply the paper to your chosen surface with a wet sponge. It will come off easily and without trace at the end of the year, but of course if you don't want to stick it, blu tac, pins or a frame work just as well.

Swing Lamp

We collaborated with architects and product designers Metrocuadro, designing a pattern to be printed on the interior of their Swing Lamp.  
Swing is a suspension lamp constructed from a single sheet of Tyvek, with the design deriving from research made into paper folding. The concept was to create a lamp that is attractive both day and night. When the light is on, the pattern becomes visible on the outer surface of the lamp. When off, the outer surface is plain with no pattern visible.  

To know more or to purchase the lamp, get in touch with  Metrocuadro Design.