Art on Rugs

Porto, Portugal - February 2019 

We collaborated with GUR to the design of a 100% cotton rug woven in Portugal. The essence of GUR is making typical Portuguese rugs more fun. They use the same techniques of traditional rugs with carefully selected materials. The rugs are very authentic to what they have always been but now they involve a design factor working with artists and illustrators, translating their ideas into rugs. The result is a collection of beautiful works of art that can be used as decorative pieces or as rugs. We loved this project from the moment we discovered it and very happy to take part. (Read more…)

Block Printed Khadi

Jaipur, Rajasthan - India / Spring 2018

Over a period of five months while living and working in Jaipur, India, we ventured into the traditional technique of block printing, discovered incredible fabrics like khadi and fell in love with the vibrancy of our surroundings and the people we met. All these things form the basis of our Made In India collection.  The collection consists of cushions, drawstring bags, tableware and pouches. All these items take advantage of the beauty of block printing and khadi, showing off the textures, prints and colours to the fullest. (Read more…)



Italy, England - April 2014 - ongoing

We launched our first wallpaper during Milan Design Week back in 2014. Since then we never stopped. We are big wallpaper lovers and we simply enjoy designing for this type of surface: the very first layer of a room. 
We offer both traditional Made in England wallpaper rolls and also a "print on demand" service for costumers that want to print  the exact amount needed, minimising waste. This option also increases creative freedom, making colour and scale alteration a possibility. With this method we can also colour match the paper palette to that of the customer's walls and furniture. (Read more…)

Handmade Paper

Jaipur, Rajasthan - India / Winter 2017

A journey through the old crafts of Rajasthan. During a six month experience in India, we worked closely with Craftboat, a company based in Jaipur that specialise in creating products using 100% recycled cotton handmade paper. The paper they use is manufactured from the waste produced by the garment manufacturing industries, creating a paper with a unique texture and durability.  
For Craftboat, we designed a collection of paper products, working on the product structure and colour scheme as well as the printed pattern designs for the surfaces. (Read more…)

moygashel Linen

Northern Ireland and England - Autumn 2017  

In September 2017 we launched a collection of prints on Moygashel Linen at London Design Festival. When we touched this fabric for the first time we were sure this was the one we wanted to offer to our clients. Incredibly soft, durable and with lovely natural hues. Moygashel Linens, our supplier, was established in 1795 and is recognised as weaving some of the finest linens in the world. 
Our linens are classified as upholstery linens, making them suitable for all kinds of home use including sofas and chairs, tablecloths, curtains and cushions. (Read more…)

Fair Trade Rugs

Kathmandu, Nepal and London, England - Summer 2015

"Moon" is a rug we designed for Node, a non-profit social business devoted to make a big impact for fair trade. Node works with the worlds best designers and illustrators and convert their images into the highest quality hand-made carpets. 
The rug was produced entirely by hand using age old and natural Tibetan carpet making techniques. Made from bales of pure Tibetan wool, it is hand spun into thread, hand dyed with natural and non-polluting dyes, and then hand-knotted on our looms into carpet. (Read more…)

Printed Cotton


Bologna, Italy - Spring 2016 

Soft furnishings and home accessories have a core importance when decorating a space and we love finding the right colour and shape combination for interiors. For this reason we have designed a collection of printed fabrics and used them for making cushions and tea towels. We like mixing styles and techniques and thought of this collection as a diverse range rather that perfectly coordinated sets . Every item is hand made and produced in a small series of limited pieces per pattern. They are all available to view and purchase in our online store. (Read more…)

Madder, Indigo, acacia

Modena, Bologna - Italy - November 2015

We had been dreaming of creating our own printed silk scarves for a while, so when we stumbled upon Medulla we knew that it was the right occasion to produce something special. The pattern for our scarves uses a modular tile system, each printing tile filled with a halftone dot gradient. Each tile has been screen printed by hand on the fabric, much like block printing, creating a flowing layout of gradients and dots. Some of the tiles have been printed on top of others, creating overlapping which leads to intriguing visual effects. We used two colour dyes: black, obtained mixing Indigo, Chlorophyl extract and Madder, and brown, obtained mixing Acacia and Madder. (Read more…)