Puff Balls

Puff Balls

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The Puff Balls are marshmallow looking soft blobs, hand painted in watercolours and repeated like crazy to make sure there's not a single millimetre uncovered. 
Available in two colour varieties... puff balls for every space. 

This wallpaper is sold per metre square, printed to order. 
If you require 10 metres (1 meter width), add 10 x the item to your basket and we will print as one continuous piece.

Paper Types
This paper is available in two types, a pre-glued smooth finish paper and a textured canvas paper. Both are digitally printed with the same high quality colour reproduction and sharp detailing, giving equally exceptional results. Photos of both types of paper can be seen in the product slideshow, and samples of both paper types are available to order using the drop-down menu below. 

What do we mean by pre-glued? The paper comes pre-coated with an adhesive that becomes active when submerged in water. By simply soaking the paper for a minute in cold water, you are then able to apply it directly to your wall without the need for glue. Please get in touch if you have any questions.
Are colours and scale customisable? Yes. Because this paper is printed to order, we are able to make bespoke changes to scale and colour without an issue. Get in touch with any requests you have. 

Paper Specifications
175 g/m2
PCV-free (easier to dispose of than most PVC‐based substrates) 
Mold and mildew resistant
Vivid color, high-definition detail
Ultra-smooth finish
Indoor display permanence up to 20 years
Pre-paste facilitates easy application
Strippable and easy to remove
Flame resistant
Carries the CE mark
Odorless: GreeNGUarD Children & Schools Certified and fSC® certified.

We recommend you use a professional decorator to put up your wallpaper. Our paper comes cut and is printed edge to edge, so does not require trimming before installation.

Please note the colours on your monitor may differ to the colours of the wallpaper. Please order samples by selecting SAMPLE in the Size dropdown below.

Everything is printed to order, meaning if you order slightly under the paper you require and need some more, we will be happy to print more but we cannot guarantee the colours will be exactly the same.

Colour / Paper:
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