About us


We started working together back in 2013, both living in London and working in Interior Design.
The city gave us opportunities to start collaborating on a few Decoration and Interior Design projects and luckily we were given blank canvases to work on. This allowed us to fully merge our experience in Interior Design with the more playful world of Illustration.  We received a very positive response from these first interior projects, and our design studio All The Fruits was born!  Within All The Fruits we combine our passion for colour and form, and apply it to the world of interior design, decoration, product and textile. 

As a studio, we’d love our work to have a positive impact on the chosen space. We aim to push the boundaries past what is considered safe and normal, and implement a change to the surroundings through our artwork. 
Quality is of the upmost importance, both in the design process and also in manufacture, and wherever possible we promote local materials and techniques.  

Our inspiration comes from a variety of sources, and will often change from project to project.
At the core of all our work are two things that inspire the most: people and places. Our love of different cultures and traditions from around the world inspire us constantly, and this influence can be seen throughout our latest work. Our recent collection of printed linens have been inspired by traditional art movements of Japan and India.  


Jessica and Stephen