About us


All The Fruits is a multi-disciplinary design studio working for a variety of industries spanning interiors, product and fashion. The studio was founded in London in 2013 but is currently based in Bologna, Italy, and is made up of interior designer Jessica Pinotti and illustrator Stephen Cheetham. Combining their shared passions for colour and form, they create patterns and artwork that are applied to a variety of mediums. 

The inspiration for All The Fruits work comes from a variety of sources, and will often change from project to project. At the core of all their work are two things that inspire the most, people and places. More precisely, the love of different cultures and traditions from around the world inspire them constantly, and this influence can be seen throughout their work. Their most recent collection of linens has been inspired in equal parts by the traditional crafts of Japan and India.  

As a studio, one of the most important goals for All The Fruits is for their work to have a positive impact on the chosen space. They aim to push the boundaries past what is considered safe and normal, and implement a change to their surroundings through their artwork. 

Quality is of the upmost importance, both in the design process and also in manufacture, and wherever possible they promote local materials and techniques.  


Our passion for local cultures and travels means we also like to share what we love of the place we chose to work and live in, a welcoming, inspiring and multi-cultural city: Bologna Travel Guide