Frequently Asked Questions


How many rolls of
wallpaper should I buy?

If you have any doubts about how many rolls you need, please do not hesitate to ask us at Make sure you specify the wall dimensions (height and width) as well as the paper you are interested in, and we will calculate how many rolls you'll need. We know it can be a bit confusing to figure this out and we're happy to help. 


How many meters of fabric
should I buy?

All our fabrics have a minimum order of 2 metres, and increase in increments of 1 metre. For specific fabric details please refer to the product listing on our shop. 

We print in small batch runs for both our fabrics and wallpapers, so cannot guarantee 100% color match from batch to batch. If in doubt, it's best to order a little extra. If you end up not needing it, we are happy to accept returns of unopened rolls / uncut fabric within 14 days. If you do end up needing to order more wallpaper from a certain batch number, please make sure you let us know that number (it's stated on the roll paper leaflet) and we'll see if we have any available.


How do I install the

Every traditional wallpaper roll comes with an instruction leaflet, but feel free to e-mail us at if you wish to receive the Installation guide by e-mail. 

We recommend you use a good quality paste and a professional decorator to put up your wallpaper. Our paper comes cut and is printed edge to edge, so does not require trimming before installation. The non-repeating wallpapers can be applied landscape or portrait. 

The hanging process is slightly different for bespoke orders and orders printed per metre. Our print on demand paper is pre-glued, meaning no paste is needed to adhere the paper to the wall. If you have doubts about how to install the pre-glued wallpaper, please get in touch and we will share instructions and videos on how to go about the process. 

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! We'd be happy to print our made-to-order wallpapers and fabric with custom colors, with a different scale, size repeat or on different materials. Please contact us at or call Stephen at +39 3345929569 to inquire about the possibilities. If you need to colour match a wall paint or laminate surface, we can do this as long as you have a reference code for the colour. Depending on the size of the alteration, an additional fee for custom design might apply. Lead times vary depending on the complexity of the project. 


What are the maximum
you can print?

For made-to-order wallpaper, the maximum width is 120 cm, and the length of the wallpaper rolls is approximately 18 metres. 
The width of our fabrics varies by type, which you can find in the product description. In terms of length, we can print as long as you want, although please bear in mind a roll of fabric is usually around 60 metres so anything more than that will be printed on separate rolls. 

Is the wallpaper/fabric

WALLPAPER: Yes. Gently wipe off any marks using a sponge or damp cloth. Do not use any abrasives. Use clean clear water and, only if necessary, a mild soap. Grease and oil stains may not come off. 

FABRIC: All our fabrics are pre-washed as part of the printing process, so there will be no additional shrinkage. Specific washing instructions vary depending on the fabric, but as a general rule our cottons and linens wash well at 40 degrees on a gentle wash, and our silks should only be washed by hand. 


How do I get a
project quote?

We require precise width and height dimensions in order to provide an accurate wallpaper or fabric quote. Please email this info to along with any other specifics that you think useful and we will happily get back to you with a quote.

Where are your
products made?

All our products are designed in our studio in Bologna, Italy.
Our wallpapers and fabrics are printed in the UK, and all our linens come from Ireland. 

The Made in India Collection has been proudly conceived, printed and sewn in India using local traditional techniques in all respect for environment and human conditions.

Our textile products are hand finished by our amazing and experienced seamstress Emanuela just up the road from us here in Bologna. 


Can you give
me advice?

We'd love to give you our suggestions on picking the right colours or pattern combinations for your house, office, restaurant and so on. Colours and patterns might look fun and easy to play with but an expert eye is often necessary to avoid unpleasant or cluttered results. Please do get in touch. 


Do you licence
your patterns?

Of course. We have a big pattern archive for you to browse if you are looking to buy a licence for a particular product or surface. We can alter existing patterns from our collection or start a new pattern from scratch. We have previously collaborated closely with companies and manufacturers from all over the world, so if you have an idea in mind, don't hesitate to tell us about it:


Have you got
gift options?

How exciting! We'd be happy to send your order as a gift, please email us to ask so. We'll make sure your item is wrapped with our very own patterned wrapping paper and include a gift message if you wish.  

We can also offer gift certificates in any amount, just email us and we'll process your gift certificate purchase.