Our Wallpapers.


We have a soft spot for wallpapers. Of course walls are a very important part of a space and for us the most fun to play with as it's the very first layer of the many that we use to design a room. 

The quality of the paper is very important for us, and we strive to find the best product for every type of wall covering we use. Our 10 meters rolls are printed in England in one of the highest quality manufacturers.  Each roll comes in a traditional sizing of 10 meters length by 52 cm wide. For these wallpapers we chose the best non-woven paper quality, 180 g/m2, with the highest safety and environmental standards possible. 

We also offer a selection of wallpapers as print on demand so the costumer can order the exact amount needed, which in turn minimises waste. This option also increases creative freedom, making colour and scale alteration a possibility.
With this method we can also colour match the paper palette to that of the customer's walls and furniture. 
For these bespoke orders we use a 175 g/m2, PVC free paper, with a very high print definition and brilliant colours. This paper is also easy to install: it comes pre-glued, meaning only water is required to activate the glue. 
We can offer different paper finishes, such as canvas, textured or ultra smooth. If your project requires a non-smooth paper, please contact us at hello@allthefruits.com so we can send you a few samples of all our available papers. 


Some of our wallpapers find their best use on portions of walls rather than an entire space, as we think they work particularly well for a "feature" wall. Others are perfect for the entire room. Feel free to ask for a consultation if you feel you need advice.


You can browse our range of wallpapers on our online store, with every wallpaper description specifying whether it is a traditional or print to order design. Samples can also be purchased through the store.

Whatever project you have in mind, please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have or ask for feedback on your ideas.